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Everyone has a story of victory. We all have conquered a difficult area in our life that threatened our very existence. How do you handle the difficult times? 

I have gone through tough times. My story is one of pain, trauma and triumph. But even through the bad times, when it seemed like the pain was neverending, God was always there.

And that is why Spirit and Truth Candle Company was created. To be a sweet reminder that God is always there with you despite whatever you may be facing.

Spirit and Truth Candle Company lives by the Word of God and we strongly believe that the Gospel is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes - Romans 1:16.

We believe that all scripture is God breathed and very important in the building up of every Christian. That is why each one of our candles is created with a special Biblical attribute or truth with an accompanying scripture.

Made at home and hand poured in small batches, we put special care and prayer into each candle that we make. We pray that our candles bring you closer to God and helps in creating a spiritual atmosphere in your home. 

Lisa Evans, Founder of Spirit and Truth Candle Company

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